Hovercraft ride on top of the water by using jets of air to propel them. You can make a simple hovercraft to see how it works. To make a hovercraft you need: a large balloon two old CDs tape Directions: Tear off pieces of tape and stick them on the edge of the table you are working on, ready for use. Put the two CDs together to make your hovercraft platform. Poke the nipple of the balloon through the hole in the CDs. Blow up the balloon and hold the valve shit with one hand. With your other hand, loosely … Continue reading hovercraft


Watching a kite soar high on the wind is a magical site. Here are the directions on how to make a kite and harness the power of the wind. To make a kite you need: a green or white garbage bag about 7 meters of string some duct tape 2 sticks, on 90 cm, the other 75 cm kite string (can be bought at a hardware store) Directions: Make a cross with the two sticks. Put the shorter stick 18 cm from the top of the longer stick and lash where they meet together with string. Make a string diamond … Continue reading kites

bottle garden

Create your own contained ecosystem by making a garden in a jar. A bottle garden needs very little water or air as it is self-sustaining. To make a bottle garden you need: a large jar with a lid pebbles dry potting soil two long sticks some plants – begonias, maidenhair ferns and zebra leaf plants all work well Directions: Put the clean pebbles into the bottom of the jar. This allows any water to drain away. Cover the pebbles with about 8 cm of potting soil. Make a hole for each plant with a stick. Lower the plants into the … Continue reading bottle garden

make a small filtration system

Clean water is one of the earth’s most valuable resources. This water filtration system doesn’t make muddy water clean enough to drink, but it does show you how filtration systems work and how you can get most of the dirt out of water. To make a water filtration system you need: a cup of dirty, muddy water a clean clay pot on a saucer a coffee filter crushed charcoal clean, well-rinsed sand clean, washed gravel a sieve Directions: Open a coffee filter into the clay pot. Fill the bottom of the filter with some charcoal. Add wet clean sand on … Continue reading make a small filtration system

miniature rocket

Watch a ‘rocket’ take off from the launch pad of your backyard! Do this outside. To make a miniature rocket you need: a small, thin container with a snap-on lid some vinegar cotton balls a teaspoon of baking soda Directions: Fill the small container halfway with the vinegar. Wedge the cotton balls into the making sure it doesn’t actually touch the vinegar. Put the baking soda on top of the dry cotton ball. Put the lid on the container. Turn the container upside down, put it on the ground and get away! Watch the container blast into the air like … Continue reading miniature rocket

mothball boat

Energy can come from the most unusual things. Who ever thought a mothball could be a source of energy? Use a mothball to move a boat in your bathtub. To make a mothball boat you need: a mothball a Styrofoam meat tray scissors a piece of string Directions: Cut a boat shape from a Styrofoam meat tray. Cut a small pie-shaped notch in the stern of the boat. Poke a hole on each side of the triangle you’ve cut. Wedge the mothball into the notch Thread the string through each hole, tie it, and position the string to help hold … Continue reading mothball boat