make a garbage table

Could you use a table in your room? Why don’t you make one out of garbage?

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Almost every family uses cans of juice, soup or sodas. Think of the type of can most often used in your house and start collecting them to make the legs for a table. Why not canvas your neighbors for some to speed the process up. The larger the cans, the fewer you’ll need. Apple juice cans make great table legs.

To make a table you’ll need:

  • some empty cans
  • duct tape
  • a side of a large sturdy cardboard box
  • a piece of cloth larger than the cardboard
  • paint


  1. Soak the cans to remove the labels.
  2. Wash the cans so they are nice and clean.
  3. Let the cans dry completely.
  4. Duct tape the cans together and make four legs.
  5. Put the cardboard on the floor and then duct tape the legs to it.
  6. Turn the table over and stand it up on its legs.
  7. To make the table look nice, paint the legs and then cover it with a piece of cloth.

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