questions, NASA and knots

Rope Materials | Animated Knots by Grog Cotton:History: Cotton is included here for completeness. Not as strong as hemp, it is a poor substitute when strength is required…. Solar Orbiter Returns First Data, Snaps Closest Pictures of the Sun | NASA The first images from ESA/NASA’s Solar Orbiter are now available to the public, including the closest pictures ever taken of the Sun.So… Explore Mars With Scratch Activity | NASA/JPL Edu students create a Mars exploration game using the Scratch programming language. They will engage in computational thinking, use math and… Make a Cardboard Rover Project | NASA/JPL Edu Rovers … Continue reading questions, NASA and knots


water management – engineering 4 kids Water is fundamental to life. Yet, eleven per cent of the global population — 783 million people, remains without access to an improved… Multifunctional porous carbon fibers show significant promise in capacitive desalination — … Continue reading water


interesting resources, sources for discovery stories Stories of Discovery – Science Rhymes The science stories that shook 2018 Billions of Missing Links: Electricity and Bioluminescence | Multimedia Library Center for Science and Culture | Discovering Intelligent Design Open-and-go lessons that inspire kids to love science. Science History Institute | Home 10 Awesome Accidental Discoveries Timeline of scientific discoveries – Wikipedia The Greatest Space Science Stories of 2017 Top 10 stories of 2019: A black hole picture, measles outbreaks, climate protests and more Story Index – Short Stories of Science and Invention Science Stories for Kids | Speakaboos The Story Of … Continue reading discover


viscosity – engineering 4 kids Viscosity is a measure of the resistance of a fluid to being deformed. You can think of it as the fluid’s internal resistance to flow, or its internal friction. For example, water has a low… water management – engineering 4 kids turbidity – a measure of the cloudiness of water due to suspended particles, that are usually invisible to the naked eye. The more turbid the water, the harder it is to see through. weather – engineering 4 kids Weather instrumentation – measurement, tracking, forecasting”27 Storms: Arlene to Zeta – This video from NASA presents … Continue reading measure