agricultural engineering

from SWENext K-8 Newsletter October 2018 ** shared with online k-8 engineering project Agricultural Engineering Every month, we feature a different type of engineer so that you can see all the ways that engineers improve our world. This month, we focus on Agricultural Engineering. It’s Harvest time…but first the crops have to grow! Agricultural Engineers find ways to get crops the proper nutrients, design harvesting machinery, or work on the disposal of agricultural wastes. Modern Agriculture is a high-tech industry. Agricultural Engineers work with production facilities, food engineering, physical and chemical properties of materials, power, waste, and water management and … Continue reading agricultural engineering

SWENext K-8 October 2018

SWENext newsletters Fun books on Engineering Not sure what to do on a cool fall weekend? Read a fun book about engineering! There are lots to choose from. Nick & Tesla Series (By Steve Hockensmith and Bob Pflugfelder) Nick and Tesla, 11-year old twins, are budding inventors and detectives who live with their inattentive scientist uncle Newt. Each story is an action-packed mystery to solve using science and technology. Directions for some of the projects are included so readers can try them at home. Franny K. Stein, Mad Scientist Series (By Jim Benton) Get ready to laugh because Franny’s … Continue reading SWENext K-8 October 2018


Martha Coston | Civil War Women Coston decided to market her flares in Europe. She set sail for England in August, 1859. She secured patents in England, France, Holland, Austria, Denmark, Italy and Sweden. She remained in Europe… Marion Mahony Griffin | Pioneering Women of American Architecture “America’s (and perhaps the world’s) first woman architect who needed no apology in a world of men.” Her career, which included important collaborations with Frank Lloyd Wright Hearst Castle Architect Julia Morgan next 28 years, Morgan supervised nearly every aspect of construction at Hearst Castle including the purchase of everything from Spanish antiquities … Continue reading women


Denice Denton – Wikipedia Denice Dee Denton (August 27, 1959 – June 24, 2006) was an American professor of electrical engineering and academic administrator. She was the ninth chancellor of the University of California, Santa Cruz Beatrice Hicks – Wikipedia … Continue reading women