crash safety, drones with hands

Researchers take two steps toward green fuel — ScienceDaily An international collaboration led by scientists at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT), Japan, has developed a two-step method to more efficiently break down carbohydrates into t… Inside IIHS | IIHS in the Classroom “Inside IIHS: Crash Test photography (4:41)Explore what it takes to produce the high-quality, slow-motion footage needed to learn exactly what happened in a crash test and to communicate those… Teaching STEM Though Crash Safety with IIHS in the Classroom – Lab Out Loud Griff Jones back to the show to close out season 12. Working with … Continue reading crash safety, drones with hands

make a rainbow

Rainbows have fascinated people for ages, and are pretty to look at. Some people pretend to believe that there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. You can only make a rainbow if there is some sunshine. So don’t try this on a cloudy day. To make a rainbow you need: a shallow pan, such as a cake pan some water a mirror sunlight Directions Fill the pan halfway with some water. Place the pan of water in some sunshine Angle the mirror in the water. Move it around until it reflects the sunlight back up … Continue reading make a rainbow

plant watering system

While you’re away you can still make sure your plants stay moist and therefore alive with this plant watering system. The water from an elevated jar is pulled by gravity down a shoelace into the soil of the plant you want to keep watered. Set this system up a few days before you leave to make sure it works perfectly. Test the soil with your finger to make sure it is damp. To make a plant watering system you need: a large jar of water plastic wrap several shoelaces a stack of books Directions: Place a tall stack of books … Continue reading plant watering system


Hovercraft ride on top of the water by using jets of air to propel them. You can make a simple hovercraft to see how it works. To make a hovercraft you need: a large balloon two old CDs tape Directions: Tear off pieces of tape and stick them on the edge of the table you are working on, ready for use. Put the two CDs together to make your hovercraft platform. Poke the nipple of the balloon through the hole in the CDs. Blow up the balloon and hold the valve shit with one hand. With your other hand, loosely … Continue reading hovercraft


Watching a kite soar high on the wind is a magical site. Here are the directions on how to make a kite and harness the power of the wind. To make a kite you need: a green or white garbage bag about 7 meters of string some duct tape 2 sticks, on 90 cm, the other 75 cm kite string (can be bought at a hardware store) Directions: Make a cross with the two sticks. Put the shorter stick 18 cm from the top of the longer stick and lash where they meet together with string. Make a string diamond … Continue reading kites