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Wee Engineer is important as it is essential to teach kids these skills at a young age so they can fair better when they are older. Link  The link above gives several k-12 engineering curriculum’s. There are links for Biomedical, Aerospace, Environmental, and Chemical and Biological engineering just to name a few. The need for engineers has not dwindled, we need engineers now, just as we did years ago. It is in our societies best interest to introduce children to these careers early on so they may work towards a goal of becoming an engineer. San Jose STEM Here I … Continue reading from cis2 su19

engineering design process

Engineering Design Process To solve engineering problems, engineers follow a series of steps called the “Engineering Design Process.” A Five-Step Process Because the EiE Project serves young children, we’ve created a simple Engineering Design Process (EDP) to guide students through our engineering design challenges. This EDP has just five steps and uses terms children can understand. ASK: What is the problem? How have others approached it? What are your constraints? IMAGINE: What are some solutions? Brainstorm ideas. Choose the best one. PLAN: Draw a diagram. Make lists of materials you will need. CREATE: Follow your plan and create something. Test it … Continue reading engineering design process

open learning experience

K-8 Engineering Open Learning Experience (OLE) It’s a newsletter, a blog, an online resource, a collaborative project, a learning community, and so much more… OPEN – All the resources are online Open Educational Resources (OERs) and available free of charge under the Creative Commons licenses. Open Educational Resources (OERs) are web accessible – desktop, mobile, tablet, phone. They are learner-centered, self-directed, guided, facilitated, learning paths. They provide a range of options – media, depth, breadth. K-8 Engineering is using technology to support learning that is improved or not possible without it. LEARNING EXPERIENCE – Everyone can be a contributor and … Continue reading open learning experience

SWENext K-8 October 2018

SWENext newsletters Fun books on Engineering Not sure what to do on a cool fall weekend? Read a fun book about engineering! There are lots to choose from. Nick & Tesla Series (By Steve Hockensmith and Bob Pflugfelder) Nick and Tesla, 11-year old twins, are budding inventors and detectives who live with their inattentive scientist uncle Newt. Each story is an action-packed mystery to solve using science and technology. Directions for some of the projects are included so readers can try them at home. Franny K. Stein, Mad Scientist Series (By Jim Benton) Get ready to laugh because Franny’s … Continue reading SWENext K-8 October 2018