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Paper Roller Coasters Standard TemplatesA digital version of the directions with over ninety color photographs, and eleven templates suitable for … More

build a boat

Everything in the built world has a story as well as a lot of ideas, thinking, experiences and background knowledge. … More

10 activities

spatial visualization newspaper geodesic dome * pbs * structures Cardboard Chair Project – Inspiration for making a chair from a … More

balloon-powered boat

Don’t throw out that empty milk carton! Use it to make a toy boat that can move throught the water … More

capture wind power

To make a windmill you need: a 15 cm by 15 cm square piece of thin cardboard scissors a large … More

craft stick boat

Make a boat and watch it zoom! The following instructions are for a simple boat. Jazz it up with things … More

create a sundial

Often people look up in the sky to guess what time it is by the position of the sun. Your … More

jumping bug

This funny creature will startle your friends and family. When you let it loose, everyone will laugh in amazement. It’s … More

make a garbage table

Could you use a table in your room? Why don’t you make one out of garbage? Almost every family uses … More

summer activities

SWENext Newsletter – K-8 SWENext – Society of Women Engineers It’s Summertime! Hey, SWENexters! Happy summer! Even the SWENext Newsletter … More

make a mobile

You can dangle anything you want from string to make a mobile – thread spools, keys, buttons, cut out shapes, … More