10 activities

  1. spatial visualization
  2. newspaper geodesic dome * pbs * structures
  3. Cardboard Chair Project – Inspiration for making a chair from a 4′ x 8′ piece of cardboard. * Cardboard Chairs – STEM Portfolio: By Daria Hoang – For this project, we built chairs out of solely cardboard. We could make chairs with any size, shape, and design. The only restrictions/criteria were: Single-ply cardboard. No use of fasteners or glue.
  4. test drive Augmented / Virtual Reality (AVR) authoring * 5 Ways to Use Aurasma in the Classroom * Top 20 Alternative Apps To Aurasma for iPhone & iPad
  5. use scratch to create a math game * examples
  6. build an Android app – tutorials
  7. make a robot that walks – needs to have legs * example (video)
  8. modify and 3d print your own lego minifig
  9. learn about computer science * try 5-6 of the activities and write a short description of each. * example graph coloring
  10. suggest a project, write a description, develop it. Using an app on your iPad, make a rough sketch of your project design. Annotate the design drawing with text notes.