make a ball catcher

It’s fun to try and catch a foil ball in a paper cup when it is attached to the cup with string. You can have a competition with yourself to see how many tries it takes to catch the ball. This toy is easy to make and will occupy you and your friends for hours. To make a ball catcher you need: a paper cup a fairly long piece of string a nail glue aluminum foil Directions: Poke a hole in the bottom of the cup with the nail. Tie a large knot at the end of the string. Thread … Continue reading make a ball catcher

make a garbage table

Could you use a table in your room? Why don’t you make one out of garbage? Almost every family uses cans of juice, soup or sodas. Think of the type of can most often used in your house and start collecting them to make the legs for a table. Why not canvas your neighbors for some to speed the process up. The larger the cans, the fewer you’ll need. Apple juice cans make great table legs. To make a table you’ll need: some empty cans duct tape a side of a large sturdy cardboard box a piece of cloth larger … Continue reading make a garbage table

summer activities

SWENext Newsletter – K-8 SWENext – Society of Women Engineers It’s Summertime! Hey, SWENexters! Happy summer! Even the SWENext Newsletter takes the summer off, so this is our last newsletter issue of the school year. Since we won’t be back until September, we’ve included lots of ideas for what you can do this summer. Enjoy your summer, be safe and keep engineering! Here are three STEM activities you can try at home. Think like a Civil Engineer and make a tower you can eat! Snack Time Edible Structure Instructions Think like a Mechanical Engineer and make a roller coaster for … Continue reading summer activities

make a mobile

You can dangle anything you want from string to make a mobile – thread spools, keys, buttons, cut out shapes, shells or even bits of wood. The objects will spin lazily in the air and appear as if they are floating. The trick in making a mobile is to make sure the objects are balanced. To make a mobile you need: a coat hanger one long and two short sticks thread scissors 5 small objects to dangle Directions: Tie a piece of thread in the middle of the long stick and tie it to the middle of the coat hanger … Continue reading make a mobile