create a sundial

Often people look up in the sky to guess what time it is by the position of the sun. Your sundial will be accurate on the day you make it. For the next few months it will be fairly correct. After that – don’t count on it at all or you’ll certainly be late! To make a sundial you need: an aluminum pie plate or a cut out circle of cardboard a plastic straw masking tape a marker a clock or watch a sunny day Directions: Stand the straw straight up in the center of the pie late or cardboard … Continue reading create a sundial

make a huge soap bubble

Soap bubbles are easy to make and don’t need a special kit. All you need to make a regular sized soap bubble is some liquid dish detergent and some wire that you’ve bent into a hoop. Dip it into the soap and blow. Simple! Hugh soap bubbles are made on the same principle. Follow the directions below and astound your friends. Make huge soap bubbles outside. You might want to do this in your bathing suit. To make a hugh soap bubble you need: 3/4 cup dish soap 1 teaspoon cooking oil 1 bucket of warm water 1 1/2 meter … Continue reading make a huge soap bubble


Aviation – category. General interest articles and resources, news and information. Links to online resources “bookmarked” with keywords: on this page – [flight], [aviation,e4k] women in aviation [women,aviation] engineering4kids flight AeroVelo Makes First Human Powered Helicopter Flight > “winner of the Sikorsky Competition would have to keep a human powered helicopter in flight for 60 seconds at an altitude of at least 3m. To further complicate this competition any craft looki… The Nearly Effortless Flight of the Albatross – IEEE Spectrum “DYNAMIC SOARING: The wandering albatross spends weeks, even months, at sea without ever returning to land. With precise GPS data and … Continue reading aviation