Adjustable wrench

Wrench – a tool used to provide a mechanical advantage in applying torque to turn bolts, nuts or other hard-to-turn items. open-end wrench – a one-piece wrench with a U-shaped opening that grips two opposite faces of the bolt or nut. This wrench is often double-ended, with a different-sized opening at each end. box-end wrench – a one-piece wrench with an enclosed opening that grips the faces of the bolt or nut. The recess is generally a six-point or twelve-point opening for use with nuts or bolt heads with a hexagonal shape. Adjustable wrench – an open-ended wrench with adjustable … Continue reading Adjustable wrench

Surface tension

Surfaces tension – The cohesive forces between liquid molecules are responsible for the phenomenon known as surface tension. The molecules at the surface do not have other like molecules on all sides of them and consequently they cohere more strongly to those directly associated with them on the surface. This forms a surface “film” which makes it more difficult to move an object through the surface than to move it when it is completely submersed. Surface Tension Bascic Concepts – Flash animation “floating” – Only objects lighter than water can float. This insects is prevented from sinking because of surface … Continue reading Surface tension

Statue of Liberty

In addition to being a great inspiration and a symbol of freedom and life in a new land, the Statue of Liberty is an example of an engineering challenge in the late 1800s. The lady with the lamp Video: Modern Marvels The Statue of Liberty (45 minutes) describes the engineering that went into the design, construction and restoration over more than 100 years. The Statue of Liberty stands on a small island in New York harbor on a specially-build pedestal. The statue was a gift from the people of France. The sculpture is so big that the French artist Frederic … Continue reading Statue of Liberty

k-3 maker space

Top Five Maker Projects for the Beginning Maker Ed Teacher | woodshopcowboy Start Small! Towers of Power A great starting point for a beginning Maker teacher. Students build towers made of just paper and scotch tape. Students can build the tallest tower Making a Makerspace: Top Five Materials in an Educational Makerspace | woodshopcowboy Rope & Twine & String Ropes are integral part of most moving structures, decorations, tool handles and tons more. Entire articles of clothing are weaved together from rope Beginner’s Guide to Maker-ize An Elementary Classroom – HonorsGradU MakerSpaces are designed to make students wonder, question, and … Continue reading k-3 maker space


Engineering 101~Pop-Up Book! – High Tech Middle Chula Vista In your own words, define what engineering is. What are the specializations within this field of engineering and what do they involve?mProvide a minimum of 10 everyday items/things that these types… … Continue reading stories

geodesic dome

Newspaper Play Structures – Inner Child Fun punched holes with a hole puncher on each end of the newspaper rod, then threaded a pipe cleaner through the holes. I twisted the pipe cleaner, which kept everything in place wpiPD_offerings_May_2014_EngStory.pdf The Engineering a Story is a great program to engage K – 8 teachers in the integrative nature of STEM. Designed specifically for educators of all subjects, this workshop offers a hands – on approach Sphere-Based Science: Build Your Own Geodesic Dome – Scientific American “build a simple geodesic dome using gumdrops and toothpicks. Get ready to do some tasty engineering! … Continue reading geodesic dome

robot legs

Insights on fast cockroaches can help teach robots to walk — ScienceDaily Robots with legs that can be used here on Earth after disasters, or on Mars or other planets, are often modelled on insects’, Weihmann explains. ‘Adapting the coordination … Continue reading robot legs