Aviation – category. General interest articles and resources, news and information. Links to online resources “bookmarked” with keywords: on this page – [flight], [aviation,e4k] women in aviation [women,aviation] engineering4kids flight AeroVelo Makes First Human Powered Helicopter Flight > ENGINEERING.com “winner of the Sikorsky Competition would have to keep a human powered helicopter in flight for 60 seconds at an altitude of at least 3m. To further complicate this competition any craft looki… The Nearly Effortless Flight of the Albatross – IEEE Spectrum “DYNAMIC SOARING: The wandering albatross spends weeks, even months, at sea without ever returning to land. With precise GPS data and … Continue reading aviation

make an unscented bubble bath

There’s quite a movement afoot to purify our air by asking people to be scent free. So many people are sensitive to smells, and yet the products on the market are often irritating because of their perfumes. You too can have a soft foamy bath that doesn’t stink like perfume. To make an unscented bubble bath you need: washing soda crystals (in the detergent section of the store) a rolling pin a medium-sized jar with lid water Directions: Use the rolling pin to crush the crystals into a powder. If you don’t have a rolling pin, use the jar! Put … Continue reading make an unscented bubble bath