robot legs

Insights on fast cockroaches can help teach robots to walk — ScienceDaily Robots with legs that can be used here on Earth after disasters, or on Mars or other planets, are often modelled on insects’, Weihmann explains. ‘Adapting the coordination … Continue reading robot legs

novel engineering

Parents’ guide to engineering careers | Tomorrow’s Engineers “A brand-new guide for parents outlines the various areas of engineering, answers common questions and helps parents encourage their children’s talents. Find out how you can help MIT’s prize-winning Mars city concept … Continue reading novel engineering

Future Engineers

Future Engineers is an online education platform that hosts national innovation challenges for K-12 students. Create a 3d model How do you turn your amazing idea into a 3D print? You have to make a 3D model! Here are a few programs available free for students. We recommend starting with the free beginner tutorials that come with the software program you choose. After you’ve learned the basics, then create something – anything! Or learn more with the lessons we’ve linked to below. It’s not easy to make a 3D model, but soon you’ll be a pro! Continue reading Future Engineers

Cat’s Eye: Reflective Road Marker

Cat’s Eye: Reflective Road Marker "The Cat’s Eye invented in 1933 features reflective glass spheres set inside a rubber and cast-iron housing. Each unit is complex and dynamic, its various materials engineered to serve a variety of clever functions. The metal part of the housing protects the device while creating an audible sound when a car passes over, like Botts’ Dots. Meanwhile, a fixed rubber wiper clears off the glass when it is pushed under the road. The Cat’s Eye is also retroflective, meaning: it redirects light back toward its source with minimum scattering, optimizing visibility for cars in motion." … Continue reading Cat’s Eye: Reflective Road Marker