Exploration of Engineering Technology – engineering 4 kids “Identify the design and construction of structures for service or convenience evolving from the development of techniques for measurement, controlling systems, and the understanding of spatia… fishfinder – engineering 4 kids “detecting reflected pulses of sound energy, using SONAR technology. A modern fishfinder displays measurements of reflected sound on a graphical display to locate schools of fish, underwater d… flight – engineering 4 kids “lift balance allowed the Wrights to measure the lift coefficient directlydrift balance – directly measure the drag to lift ratio.” <p class=”diigo-tags”>&lt… friction – engineering 4 kids “Measuring … Continue reading measure


Bernoulli Force – engineering 4 kids “Bernoulli’s equation is used on aircraft to provide a speedometer called a pitot-static tube. A pressure is quite easy to measure with a mechanical device. In a pitot-static tube, we measur… biomedical – engineering 4 kids “Electronic skin, a tiny, nearly invisible devices stick to skin ‘talks’ to computers. This new device measures the body in different ways. Electronic skin can record temperature, muscle m… citizen science – engineering 4 kids “information gathering – web site to input information collected by participants – observations, measurements, location, time and date” <p class=”diigo-tags”&… clocks, watches and … Continue reading measure


Fractals – engineering 4 kids “Cool math – Fractals – Fractal art, lessons and generators“Back in the 1960’s, a French mathematician named Benoit Mandelbrot started thinking about simple pretty simple: How long is… news 09/12/2012 – engineering 4 kids ““The first humanoid robot in space was sent to the space station with the intention of eventually taking over tasks too dangerous or mundane for astronauts, and the first such task identifi… updates (weekly) – engineering 4 kids “Acid rain, from USGS Water-Science School“Geographic distribution of acid rain – Acidity in rain is measured by collecting samples of rain and measuring … Continue reading measure

bioplastic, UV LED

Faster-degrading plastic could promise cleaner seas — ScienceDaily To address plastic pollution plaguing the world’s seas and waterways, chemists have developed a new polymer that can degrade by ultra… Ultraviolet LEDs prove effective in eliminating coronavirus from surfaces and, potentially, air and water — ScienceDaily provide a low-cost, chemical-free and convenient way to sanitize public, retail, personal and medical spaces,Researchers are developing u… The best material for homemade face masks may be a combination of two fabrics — ScienceDaily tightly woven fabrics, such as cotton, can act as a mechanical barrier to particles, whereas fabrics that hold a static charge, … Continue reading bioplastic, UV LED

plastic waste

Plastics – term commonly used to describe a wide range of synthetic or semi-synthetic materials that are used in a huge and growing range of applications. Trash / Garbage, unwanted or undesired waste material Litter, material discarded in inappropriate places Municipal solid waste, unwanted or undesired waste material generated in a municipal environment Growing problem – tiny plastic particles Invisible plastics in water — ScienceDaily A recent study showed that more than 90 percent of tap water in the U.S. contains nanoscale plastics that are invisible to the human eye,… eGFI – For Teachers » Plastic Hits the Road where plastic … Continue reading plastic waste