2019 wk.10

From video game to day job: How ‘SimCity’ inspired a generation of city planners – Los Angeles Times the games have introduced millions of players to the joys and frustrations of zoning, street grids and infrastructure funding — and influenced … Continue reading 2019 wk.10

Engineering is…

Engineering is … making things and making things better Through That’s Engineering series of stories, explore the ideas and activities that engineers use, learn about the Engineering Design Process and solve real problems working with others in person and online. Stories are online resources, videos, puzzles, and real world problems. Explore and think about the challenge questions. Do some investigation. Then share your ideas, resources and questions in the online conversations as comments, blog posts, even podcast or movies. So come along and join in. Start where ever you like. Read the story. Check out the resources we found. Think … Continue reading Engineering is…

gasoline engine

Gasoline engine Gasoline engine and car Gasoline engine – internal combustion engine which is often used for automobiles, aircraft, small mobile vehicles such as lawnmowers or motorcycles, and outboard motors for boats. The most common engine of this type is a four-stroke cycle internal combustion engine that burns gasoline. Burning is initiated by an ignition system that fires a high voltage spark through a spark plug. Car Engines – Explained (video 6:00) – How engines work. What is an internal combustion engine? This video is the perfect introduction into learning about how cars work, starting with the most important part, … Continue reading gasoline engine

fluid mechanics

Fluid mechanics – the study of the physics of continuous materials which take the shape of their container. Fluids – In a mechanical view, a fluid is a substance that does not support tangential stress; that is why a fluid in rest has the shape of their containing vessel.And fluid in rest have zero shear stress Fluid statics Fluid dynamics Navier–Stokes equations Bernoulli’s principle Buoyancy Viscosity Newtonian Non-Newtonian Archimedes’ principle Pascal’s law Pressure Liquids Surface tension Capillary action Gases Atmosphere Boyle’s law Charles’s law Gay-Lussac’s law Combined gas law Plasma Rheology – the study of materials with both solid and … Continue reading fluid mechanics