make a rainbow

Soap bubbles

Rainbows have fascinated people for ages, and are pretty to look at. Some people pretend to believe that there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. You can only make a rainbow if there is some sunshine. So don’t try this on a cloudy day.

Colors reflected

To make a rainbow you need:

  • a shallow pan, such as a cake pan
  • some water
  • a mirror
  • sunlight


  1. Fill the pan halfway with some water.
  2. Place the pan of water in some sunshine
  3. Angle the mirror in the water. Move it around until it reflects the sunlight back up through the water and on to a wall. Voila! A rainbow!
  • pictured: This image shows the colors reflected from a thin film of water depending on the thickness of the film and the angle of incidence.

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