Hovercraft ride on top of the water by using jets of air to propel them. You can make a simple hovercraft to see how it works.

To make a hovercraft you need:

  • a large balloon
  • two old CDs
  • tape


  1. Tear off pieces of tape and stick them on the edge of the table you are working on, ready for use.
  2. Put the two CDs together to make your hovercraft platform.
  3. Poke the nipple of the balloon through the hole in the CDs.
  4. Blow up the balloon and hold the valve shit with one hand.
  5. With your other hand, loosely tape the balloon to the CDs.
  6. Keep holding the balloon valve shut and place the hovercraft close to the floor.
  7. Let go of the valve and your hovercraft will glide just over the surface of the floor.
  8. Balloons can be all sizes, so if your hovercraft doesn’t work, experiment. Add a paperclip to slow down the airflow out of the balloon, or use three CDs, not two.

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