plant watering system

Plectranthus verticillatus in a ceramic pot

While you’re away you can still make sure your plants stay moist and therefore alive with this plant watering system. The water from an elevated jar is pulled by gravity down a shoelace into the soil of the plant you want to keep watered. Set this system up a few days before you leave to make sure it works perfectly. Test the soil with your finger to make sure it is damp.

To make a plant watering system you need:

  • a large jar of water
  • plastic wrap
  • several shoelaces
  • a stack of books


  1. Place a tall stack of books in the center of your table.
  2. Position your plants around the stack of books.
  3. Put the jar of water on the stack of books.
  4. Put one end of a shoelace into the jar and the other end into the soil of the plant.
  5. Loosely cover the top of the jar with plastic wrap to prevent evaporation.

Engineering ideas

  • gravity, wick, evaporation

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