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Humans make tools to make the job of making things easier, more precise, bigger, stronger, smaller, …

Take a look at these resources. Some questions to think about

  • Why were these tools created? How are they being used today?
  • What are some new tools that will be required in the future? What new things will we be making that need new improved tools?
2014 Year in Review: Power Tools and Hand Tools – Core77
Whether hand or power, where would we be without our tools? Some of you earn your living with them, others among you retreat to personal…
About Cool Tools | Cool Tools
Cool Tools is a web site which recommends the best/cheapest tools available. Tools are defined broadly as anything that can be useful. Th…
tools – engineering 4 kids
Bandsaw – Wikipedia
bandsaw – power saw with a long, sharp blade consisting of a continuous band of toothed metal stretched between two or more wheels to cu…
shop tools – engineering 4 kids
Shop woodworking metalworking Examples of shop tools
The ABC of Hand Tools (1945) YouTube
Disney produced training video for GM about proper use of hand tools in 1945
hand tools – engineering 4 kids
Everyone needs to fix stuff from time to time. Having a few tools saves a lot of time and expense. The list above is a suggestion. What…
construction tools – engineering 4 kids
A plumber installs and repairs water supply lines and waste disposal systems.A construction laborer is the most popular job in the field….
10 Must-have Tools for Any Workshop | HowStuffWorks
From ancient Archimedes’ early descriptions of lever and pulley systems to Greek philosophers who recorded wheel and axle mechanisms,…