construction tools

Occupational Safety Equipment

An engineer is a highly skilled person responsible for building plans, the buildings structure, and overseeing construction.

A plumber installs and repairs water supply lines and waste disposal systems.

Construction laborer
A construction laborer is the most popular job in the field. They work in teams to assist skilled worker in finishing their jobs.

An electrician is a skilled worker that is responsible for designing, installing and maintaining electrical wiring systems in homes and businesses.

Mini house. Layers of framing and siding. Insulating. Wiring

Electricians tools
How many of these tools do you recognize?
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Test light
Line mans pliers
Electrical multi-meter
100ft tape measure reel
Interchangeable tip screwdriver
Utility knife
Side cutting pliers
Keyhole saw
Stripping/crimping combination tool
Long nose (needle nose) pliers

Plumbers tools
Medium hex SAE (Allen wrench)set
Basin wrench
Copper pipe cutter
Ball Peen hammer
PVC/plastic pipe wrench
10 inch straight pipe wrench
Adjustable (crescent) wrench
Channel lock (curved jaw) pliers
9 inch torpedo level
12 inch hacksaw

Carpenters tools
Back saw
25 foot tape measure
Chisel set
Combination framing square
Chalk line set
Framing hammer – 24 oz
Carpenters pencil
Flat and Phillips head screwdrivers
Speed square

Box with safety glass.window one. Mounted on plywood back wiring behind to connect indicator light with button on panel.

Safety glass.