heat shield

Charred Avcoat heat shield

Heat shield – designed to shield a substance from absorbing excessive heat from an outside source by either dissipating, reflecting or simply absorbing the heat. It is often used as a form of exhaust heat management.


  • NASA’s Orion spacecraft – the heat shield must be capable of withstanding the intense pressures of re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere at roughly 20,000 mph (32,187 km/h), and to withstand temperatures exceeding 4,000 ºF (2,204 ºC). The five-meter (16-ft) wide heat shield for the crew module of the Orion spacecraft, is comprised of silica fibers with an epoxy-novalic resin filled in a fiberglass-phenolic honeycomb.

Engineering ideas

  • composite, silica fibers, epoxy-novalic resin, fiberglass-phenolic honeycomb, dissipate, reflect, absorb, exhaust, excess