hands-on engineering

What problems do you want to solve?

  • classic engineering-design process – ask, imagine, design, build (plan, create, experiment), improve * 4Cs – creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication
  • learning how to learn – use, find, protect, share, make, solve * focus / diffuse * make, share – pictures, stories, recordings – audio, video, blog, wiki
  • Engineering Design Process form
  • [/Kid-tested%20activities Kid-tested activities] – kids did this – individual clubs, classroom, after-school


  • Spatial thinkingspatial practice – visualize and mentally manipulate objects. Dozens of interactive puzzles and games. Spatial thinking – important for engineering, visualization – quiz, lego shapes, grid paper, puzzles
  • Paper planes – thrust, lift, drag, gravity
  • Card boats – civil engineering, design process, bridges, boats, force, strength, buoyancy
  • afterschool STEM – resources, suggestions

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  • scratch
  • Twine – an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories. You don’t need to write any code to create a simple story with Twine, but you can extend your stories with variables, conditional logic, images, CSS, and JavaScript when you’re ready. Twine publishes directly to HTML, so you can post your work nearly anywhere.
  • sketch-up
  • http://wikieducator.org/User:Vtaylor/Engineering
  • Exploritorium science explorer activities for kids
  • videos – boat, links to other topics
  • engineering activities book
  • engineering in nature – simple machines – Jellyfish vortex, propulsion. gears insect legs
  • kitchen / food engineering – Space food and spinoffs
  • engineering wonders – ancient, modern
  • failure is not an option, it’s a requirement – if you didn’t fail, you didn’t try hard enough or look at all the options. failure analysis – scanning electron microscope
  • Sylvia’s Squishy Circuits (video 7:04) – making conductor dough and insulator dough. With a special recipe of food-safe, kitchen-made, pliable dough developed at the University of St. Thomas, use your hands to mold your very own simple circuits right before your eyes. * Squishy Circuits – The home of all things related to Squishy Circuits * Squishy Circuits Store – Kits of LEDs and other parts that work well with squishy circuits
  • smart material, internet of things
  • spatial visualization, simulation, modeling – Tinkercad
  • Navier-Stokes equations are mathematical equations that describe the motion of fluids. They may be used to model the weather, ocean currents, water flow in a pipe, the air’s flow around a wing, and motion of stars inside a galaxy. They help with the design of aircraft and cars, the study of blood flow, the design of power stations, the analysis of pollution, and many other things. … Newton’s second law, fluid, motion, stress, diffusing ,viscous, gradient, velocity, pressure
  • transportation – cars, trucks, trains, boats and planes – Aerodynamics, Inside the cockpit
  • computers, electronics, circuits, magnets
  • There’s an App for That – programming, coding – examples – writing, mobile phone app code, scratch source, hands-on activity – graph paper coding intro, video, lesson plan pdf
  • engineering design process – NASA’s design process http://www.nasa.gov/audience/foreducators/best/edp.html
  • size matters – measurement, scale
  • projects great and small – collaboration, planning, project management
  • women in engineering / STEM, history – Women in aviation

  • Design a Dessert – Find out what a design engineer does as you design and construct a dessert!
  • Minute to Win It – Test your skills with our 60 second challenges to master physics – do you have what it takes to win prizes?
  • Steady Hands
  • Virtual Field Trip – camera, iMovie presentation – PowerPoint, Prezi
  • Inflate a Balloon Magically
  • [/Floating%20Metal%3F Floating Metal?]
  • [/Trap%20Water%20with%20Holes%21 Trap Water with Holes!]
  • [/Make%20a%20Rainbow Make a Rainbow]
  • [/Jumping%20Bug Jumping Bug]

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  • [[Cheap engineering projects

, updates Learn more… ..r0 2a
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  • [[Alka-Seltzer rocket

Engineering ideas . Do It Challenges for you to work on… News, updates Learn more… ..r0 2a
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  • [[Angry Test Pilots

the farthest. ..r1 0e 2a
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Alkaseltzer Rockets
… NASA SpacePlace ..r1 0e 2a
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  • [[Egg Bungee Jump

they tried to assemble them incorrectly.) * instructions * video 4:45 Learn more… ..r1 0e 2a
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  • [[Inertia

the experiment. News, updates Learn more… ..1e 2a
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  • [[Make a Hovercraft

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  • [[Make a Ball Catcher

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  • [[Spy with a Periscope

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  • [[Wet or Dry?

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  • [[The Boomerang Can?