flight training

Air Canada flight simulator at the airline base.

Flight training

Flight simulation

Flight Training Devices (FTD)

  • General Aviation – personal computer
  • full-motion Level D simulator
  • radio communications, ATC – Adding live air traffic control and filling the skies with actual traffic, operated by humans who spoke on the radio would completely revolutionize the experience, because for better or worse, pilots invest tremendous energy and attention on those two elements. We have to listen for our call sign, respond to queries, and interact with other people on a continual basis.
  • LiveATC.net
  • recurrent training

Training Air Traffic Controllers (ATC)

There are plenty of online courses to learn about aviation related topic. Many are provided free by aviation organizations such as AOPA and EAA, and the FAA

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  • PilotEdge provides software to connect your flight simulator to our voice and data network. Information about each pilot’s aircraft (such as aircraft type, position, altitude, attitude, and heading) is sent to our servers, and then relayed to the flight simulators of pilots flying nearby. Each simulator displays and animates the nearby aircraft.
  • LiveATC.net
  • EAA
  • AOPA