fluid mechanics demos

Fluids Mechanics demonstrations

Surface Tension

  • Force Of Surface Tension

Sliding Wire (2a10.10)
Submerged Float (2a10.15)
Leaky Boats (2a10.25)
Cohesion/Adhesion Plates (2a10.35)
Bubbles (2a10.50)
Rubber Balloons (2a10.51)
Surface Tension Bottle (2a10.60)

Pop The Center (2a15.10)
Soap Film Shapes (2a15.20)
Catenoid Soap Film (2a15.21)

Capillary Tubes (2a20.10)

Statics Of Fluids

Pressure Independent Of Direction (2b20.10)
Dropping Plate (2b20.20)
Weigh A Water Column (2b20.30)
Chicken Barometer (2b20.32)
Pascal’s Vases (2b20.40)
Hydraulic Press (2b20.60)
Weight On A Beach Ball (2b20.66)

Lead Bar (2b30.05)
Crush The Soda Can (2b30.15)
Crush A 55 Gallon Drum (2b30.20)
Crush The Can With Vacuum Pump (2b30.25)
Magdeburg Hemispheres (2b30.30)
Magdeburg Hemisphere Swing (2b30.33)
Magdeberg Tug-Of-War (2b30.34)
Suction Cups (2b30.36)
Soda Straw Contest (2b30.40)
Lift A Stool (2b30.50)
Stick And Newspaper (2b30.60)

  • [/Barometer Measuring Pressure]

Mercury Barometer (2b35.10)
Pull Up Mercury Barometer (2b35.20)
Manometer (2b35.30)

Weigh Submerged Block (2b40.10)
Board & Weights (2b40.14)
Archimedes Principle (2b40.20)
Battleship In A Bathtub (2b40.25)
Cartesian Diver (2b40.30)
Buoyancy Of Air (2b40.40)
Buoyancy Balloon (2b40.42)
Weight Of Air (2b40.45)

Hero’S Fountain (2b60.10)
Hydraulic Ram (2b60.60)

Dynamics Of Fluids

Velocity Of Efflux (2c10.10)

  • [/Viscosity Viscosity] *

Terminal Velocity In Water And Glycerin (2c30.50)
Terminal Velocity – Styrofoam (2c30.60)
Terminal Velocity Coffee Filters (2c30.65)