fluid flow

Fluid flow

Underwater Robots – The stingray’s method of flying through the water could help us design a whole new class of bio-inspired ‘bots. The rays’ flapping glide could make for more efficient and agile underwater robots and submarines. In order to investigate why these flat fish move so strangely—”like a flag in the wind,” —the researchers mapped the fluid flows that occur around a stingray as it swims. They looked at the leading-edge vortex, the vortex in front of a moving object that helps birds and insects fly through the air. Their model shows that stingrays move through the water with the help of vortices that create a low pressure field in front of it, and high pressure near its back end. This moves the fish forward without it having to expend much energy.

everyday examples

  • Kinematics of Fluid Motion Cream in Coffee, BMW Convertible, Air Conditioning, Bathroom Ventilation
  • Dynamics of Fluid Motion Floating Table Tennis Ball, Hurricanes, Hand Out of Car Window, Vacuum Cleaner
  • Viscous Flow in Pipes (Internal Flow) Vacuum Cleaner, Water Squirter, Bicycle Pump
  • Flow Over Bodies (External Flow) Swim Suits, Heart Surgery, Pizza Delivery
  • Flow in Open Channels Water Slide, Curb Drain, Drainage Ditch
  • Compressible Flow Rampaging Bull, Flock of Sheep, Supersonic Flight, Factory Explosion