chocolate asphalt

Chocolate Asphalt – Learn about road construction and what a civil engineer does while you make chocolate ‘asphalt’ – a delicious layered dessert!

  • Chocolate Asphalt – chocolate no-bake cookies. The process of making these cookies parallels the procedures used to produce asphalt pavements. Asphalt is a black sticky substance used in road construction to hold rocks together. When heated asphalt liquefies; as it cools, it hardens and becomes solid. A mixture of asphalt and rocks makes good roadway material after it hardens. The similarities between making cookies and preparing pavement include using a hot liquid added to a variety of dry ingredients and mixed together, which when cooled hardens and gains strength.
  • Chocolate Asphalt – IGEW 3/28/2105 – Don’t include nuts in future as there are kids with allergies, and nuts require a lot of prep work. Be sure to buy enough chocolate chips – need a lot!
  • SWE Space Coast IGEW 2014 — we use chocolate chips instead of the cocoa/milk, etc mix and also use Jimmies (cake decorations) instead of coconut (noted in the instructions). We generally have borrowed a large roaster to melt the chocolate. It works a lot better than a crock pot. There are stainless steel table spoons for mixing the chocolate in the storage tub. We buy deli containers to mix in. One leader developed a story scenario to introduce the subject.