clean water

Clean water – This water comes from a spring in the Tula Valley. After wastewaters infiltrate the ground, natural processes remove all contaninant agents in the water, and by the time it resurfaces it is usable to supply the human population in the area

What’s the problem?

Access to clean water brings the priceless gifts of dignity and hope, essential for healthy communities. Engineers Without Borders USA builds solutions that empower communities to thrive.

How might we use regular building supplies to provide clean water to communities in order for the community to thrive?

These are so much more than building materials. Find out more about these clean water projects

  • $45 buys three bio-sand filters to remove pathogens from water
  • $75 buys one water quality testing kit to analyze water safety
  • $250 buys one hand pump, eliminating dangers from open wells
  • $500 buys one 2,000-liter tank for safe, secure water storage
  • $1,000 buys 200 feet of pipe to deliver water close to home