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Penny Rafferty Hamilton – Wikipedia
She appears as the character “Penny the Pilot”, dressing up in the vintage flying gear of famed woman aviator Amelia Earhart.[1] In 2009, she received the 7 Everyday Hero Award fr…
Current Statistics of Women in Aviation Careers in U.S. | Women in Aviation International
“Source: FAA’s Aeronautical Center (December 31st, 2017 data)All Women 609,306 Pilots (total) 42,694 7.01%149,121 Students 19,219 12.89%”
Top 10 Pioneering Women of Aviation – Listverse
true pioneer and adventurer in a time when women were not welcome in a male-dominated field. Spanning almost a century, these women should be remembered for their determination, as well as their sk…
Katherine Stinson – Wikipedia
Katherine Stinson (February 14, 1891 – July 8, 1977) was a pioneering American aviator. She set flying records for distance, endurance, and aerobatic maneuvers, and taught at her family’s avi…
Women in Aviation and Space History – Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
April 18, 1964, announced that Geraldine “Jerrie” Mock had just become the first woman to fly solo around the world. Previous attempts by women, including the ill-fated 1937 flight…
Video – British Airways A318 London City service
More Than Bessie Coleman: 7 Other Famous Black Female Pilots – Blerds
“In 1936, Brown became the first woman to obtain a private pilot’s license in the U.S. She was part of the National Airmen’s Association of America in 1939 whose sole purpose was to integr…
Come From Away | Meet Beverley Bass – YouTube
“The first female captain hired by a major American airline, Bass landed her American Airlines 777 in Gander on 9/11, and spent four days being responsible for the safety of her crew, passenge…
Female U-2 pilot blazes trail through society and space > U.S. Air Force > Article Display
“Lt. Col. Merryl Tengesdal stands in front of a U-2 Feb. 9, 2015, at Beale Air Force Base, Calif. Tengesdal is the only black female U-2 pilot in history. Tengesdal is the 9th Reconnaissance W…
Female U-2 pilots say gender isn’t a factor > U.S. Air Force > Display
“Capt. Heather Fox, a U-2 Dragon Lady pilot with the 99th Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron, stands while Senior Airman Roric Ongaco (right) and Staff Sgt. Lisa Tetrick, 99th ERS physiolog…
58 Fly-As-Hell Photos Of Female Pilots | The Huffington Post
“many achievements of groundbreaking female pilots before them, we’ve rounded up 58 powerful photos of women pilots throughout history. “
4×5 Kodachromes – Pavel Kosenko
images from http://www.shorpy.com in order to get inspired by the colors of Kodachrome photo film. archived photographs, selection of photographs I particularly like, in good quality. I hope that you wil…
Rungeling airport name change bill passes | Welland Tribune
“Dorothy Rungeling is perhaps the most celebrated woman in Canadian aviation. She was the first Canadian woman to hold an airline transport licence, was the first to solo a helicopter, earned…
Heels in the Sky | Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week | Official website
“Learn the basics of how planes fly, the components of a plane, and how to prepare for a flight.Aviation and Aerospace Engineering workshops in the hangar.Discovery flights will be offered on…
About Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week – GLOBAL | Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week
“Realizing that the small number of women pilots partly explained the Centennial celebration oversight and that the main barrier to women’s participation to the air and space industry is the…
Youth Aviation Adventure > Home
Youth Aviation AdventureYouth Aviation Adventure (YAA) is a fast paced single day event, held at an airport near you, for kids age 12 to 18. At a YAA program you will visit 10 different stations to…
Sophie Blanchard – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
“Ballooning was a risky business for the pioneers. Blanchard lost consciousness on a few occasions, endured freezing temperatures and almost drowned when her balloon crashed in a marsh. In 181…
Blanche Stuart Scott About Us
“Marcia K. Gitelman has spent 15 years researching the life of Blanche Stuart Scott. She has traveled the US gathering information about the exciting life of this early woman aviator. “…
Blanche Stuart Scott Home
“Blanche “Betty” Stuart Scott was the first American woman pilot. She soloed in September 1910 in Hammondsport, NY. Her instructor was the famed Glenn Curtiss.
Latest news » GLOBAL | Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week

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