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Activities that boost spatial reasoning | Educanda
Use spatial language in everyday interactionsSpatial language is a powerful spatial learning tool. Preschoolers do better in spatial activities when parents use words such as triangle, big, tall, b…
Laser capable of emitting light quiet enough to move demanding scientific applications — ScienceDaily
There is a push to move the performance of high-end lasers onto photonic micro-chips, dramatically reducing cost and size while making the technology available to a wide range of applications inclu…
Robot combines vision and touch to learn the game of Jenga: Machine-learning approach could help robots assemble cellphones and other small parts in a manufacturing line — ScienceDaily
The Jenga-playing robot demonstrates something that’s been tricky to attain in previous systems: the ability to quickly learn the best way to carry out a task, not just from visual cues, as it is…
6 Ways to Engineer Holiday Fun at Home — Start Engineering
bring smiles to kids and also impart some learning benefits. So we imposed two stiff tests on our list of seasonal engineering-based activities shared below: it had to be short, and it had to tickl…
Explore Engineering
March is National Engineering Month in Canada, an opportunity for you to discover the world of engineering and where your skills and interests can fit in.
EngineerGirl – Cool Links
Groundbreaking new reusable adhesive works underwater — ScienceDaily
Researchers have introduced a new cutting-edge reusable adhesive that activates in seconds, works underwater, and is strong enough to deadlift 11 pounds: shape memory polymers (SMPs).
Electricity-free air con: Thermoacoustic device turns waste heat into cold using no additional power
Beginning with the principles of the Stirling engine, SoundEnergy’s THEAC thermal acoustic engine takes heat – either industrial waste heat or solar heat – and turns it into powerful coolin…
The first tendril-like soft robot able to climb — ScienceDaily
Researchers have made the first soft robot mimicking plant tendrils: it is able to curl and climb, using the same physical principles determining water transport in plants. In the future this tendr…
From toilet to brickyard: Recycling biosolids to make sustainable bricks: Fired-clay bricks incorporating biosolids could be a sustainable solution for both the wastewater treatment and brickmaking…
Around 30 percent of the world’s biosolids are stockpiled or sent to landfill each year, while over 3 billion cubic meters of clay soil is dug up for the global brickmaking industry. Using bios…
Printable: Giraffe, Ele and Lion – make a mobile? | the ReFab Diaries
Print off a couple of each and then follow these directions to make your own mobile. Get the Giraffe, the Lion, the Ele and many more from Canon’s promotional site.
Paper Zoo: Elephant – Beginner Series – Toys – Paper Craft – Canon Creative Park

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