gasoline engine

Gasoline engine

Gasoline engine and car
Gasoline engine – internal combustion engine which is often used for automobiles, aircraft, small mobile vehicles such as lawnmowers or motorcycles, and outboard motors for boats. The most common engine of this type is a four-stroke cycle internal combustion engine that burns gasoline. Burning is initiated by an ignition system that fires a high voltage spark through a spark plug.

Car Engines – Explained (video 6:00) – How engines work. What is an internal combustion engine? This video is the perfect introduction into learning about how cars work, starting with the most important part, the engine. more… logically ordered playlist

Engines – Internal combustion engine – 1. Induction stroke – The piston moves downwards carried by the inertia of the flywheel, and the petrol/air mixture is sucked into the cylinder through the open inlet valve. … animation
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four-stroke (Otto} cycle – four strokes, or straight movements in a single direction, of a piston inside a cylinder: 1. intake (induction) stroke, 2. compression stroke, 3. power (ignition) stroke, 4. exhaust stroke
Cylinder – in an internal combustion engine is the space within which a piston travels. Multiple cylinders are commonly arranged side by side in a bank, or ‘block’.

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