e4k overview

Engineering 4 Kids (e4k) – a kid-friendly exploration of everything engineering as a collection of stories about people, places and things, design challenges, projects, games – all yours to discover

engineering4kids.org – domain name, blog
Collection – stories

Audience : Middle school, self-directed

  • Most teachers have little or no background in Engineering, no time and no support so the E in STeM is “silent”. We are here to help. We are building a collection of stories, resources and activities for kids to discover Engineering on their own.

Stories – some examples of the broad range of topics included

Feedback, suggestions on…

  • story layout – template – order, coverage good
  • introduction – keywords, definitions, links to more comprehensive content, picture, illustration, people
  • What’s the problem? – engineering design process – prompts and questions, facts and questions – Statue of Liberty
    Ask (What? Ask questions, understand the need, identify the problem, define) * Imagine (So what? Imagine, brainstorm, explore, discover) * Plan (Now what? Plan, design) * Create (Do it. Create, try it out) * Improve (If this then what? Improve, make it better)
  • That’s engineering * Engineering ideas – connecting to engineering thinking, systems, components
  • Do it – activities that kids can do on their own, online games, simulations, hands-on with no / minimum supervision
  • News, updates, Learn more… – more links to related online resources, additions to basic content
  • ..r0 work in progress – outline and some information, but needs work – Computer Aided Engineering, Nuclear], Pacemaker – fine as placeholder – may actually be enough information, even if not complete
  • tags – categories, number per story


  • advisory board – kids – what works, what’s missing – story format, sections, content areas, navigation, classification
  • reviewers – check stories – complete, interesting, identify missing items
  • engineers – reviews, advise, suggest – subject matter experts, what’s the engineering here?
  • contributors – research – information, activities, pictures, videos. suggest additional stories, topics
  • authors – edit existing stories, write new stories
  • media – pictures, animations, video – Wikimedia Commons, Flickr BY.NC.SA, YouTube, Vimeo
  • curators – manage collection

Resources – sources of content for additional stories

About e4k

  • work in progress, always CBB (could be better)
  • doing, thinking, asking – engineering, applied math and science
  • kid-friendly sources, open, ever-green, updates, mostly links to other sources with summary, description
  • Creative Commons – BY-SA-NC – Attribution, Share-Alike, Non-Commercial – all e4k, most (but not all) sources, too
  • contributors – kids, engineers, educators, parents, global community