computer aided engineering

Wireframe model of a V2 rocket

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

Everything engineering

  • CAD – Computer Aided Design – AutoCAD, SolidWorks,
  • analysis
  • manufacturability
  • project management
  • version control
  • sales, marketing – SalesForce
  • customer support

Computer-aided design (CAD) is the use of a wide range of computer-based tools that assist engineers and architects in their design activities. It involves both software and special-purpose hardware. Designing and technical drawing of various projects by use of a computer include architectural drafting, mechanical drafting, electrical drafting, and other forms of design communication. Today they constitute part of a broader definition of computer-aided design.

A three-dimentional wireframe plot of the unnormalized sinc function


Project Management

Do it
Here are some challenges for you to work on…

  • Sketch Up.
  • AutoCAD website has lots of tutorials that are very helpful.
  • Draftsight. It is free, by the creators of Solidworks, some very powerful tools. Many good tutorials on YouTube to get you started.

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