There are many different ideas associated with the word “connection” associated with Engineering

Connection, also… – definitions that can be applied to Engineering

  • causal or logical relation or sequence the connection between two ideas
  • something that connects : link a loose connection in the wiring
  • means of communication or transport: a telephone connection
  • means of continuing a trip (as by train)
  • to connect – to join or fasten together usually by something intervening A highway connects the two towns.

related ides – coherence, continuity, link, joint, junction

Explore – some “problems”

  • attach one machine to another * Rube Goldberg *
  • make something big from smaller parts * Bridge
  • join layers of different materials
  • accommodate corners, bends, curves
  • permanent – don’t need to move once pieces are joined
  • flexible, moving is solution


  • highway interchange
  • rafters
  • joint – plumbing
  • mechanical * temporary – bolt, screw * permanent – weld


  • Types of Mechanical Joints – Joints are used to connect parts of a mechanism or machine. These mechanical joints can be temporary or permanent depending on whether the connection needs to be removed frequently or not removed at all. – [/Screw Bolted, Screw], [/Welding Welded]