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English Engineering Vocabulary

engineering can be understood as the application of concepts, theories, and real-world knowledge to design something or maintain something.

Engineering, construction, and architecture

Vocabulary list for engineering, construction, and architecture accuracy accurate adjustable angular acceleration angular velocity approximate approximately approximately equal approximation…

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Abutment Acceleration Activation Advice Advise Amplitude Analysis Angle Assembly Automation Axis Axle Balance Battery Bearing Blueprint Building Calculation Cantilever Cell Circumference Combustion Communication Component Component Compress Concept Constriction Construction Consultation Control Conversion Conveyance Conveyor belt Cooling Coupling Crank Current Curves Degree Depth Design Device Diagram Diameter Diesel Dimension Direction Distill Distribution Elastic Electrical Electronics Element Ellipse Energy Engine Excavation Expert Fabrication Flexible Flow Fluid Fluorescent Force Frame Friction Fuel Fulcrum Gear Gears Generate Generator Gimbals Grade Grading Hardware Heat Hoist Horizontal Hydraulic Illumination Information Injection Installation Instrument Intersection Joint Lever Lift Liquid Load Machine Management Manufacturing Mark Measurement Mechanize Modular Mold Motion Motor Negative Nuclear Object Operation Oscilloscope Physics Pivot Plumb Pneumatic Power Precision Process Production Project Propulsion Pulley Radiate Ream Refine Refrigeration Regulation Repair Retrofit Revolution Rotation Savvy Scheme Schooling Scientific Sequence Shape Slide Solar Stability Strength Structure Structure Studying Superstructure Suspension Technology Tools Transform Transmission Transmit Turbine Vacuum Valve Vertical Vibration Weight Weld Withstand Worker
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