hands-on circuits

There are so many great ideas for hands-on electrical circuits projects, we needs a separate place to put them all…

electrical circuits.

  • Squishy circuits (video 4:08) – recipe, kit, featured on Science Friday – video, recipe, details, link to video
  • “Glowie”
  • Glowie with a paper switch
  • BristleBot http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5U5pOZWlkw
  • Blinky Bugs (video 3:14)- Ken Murphy is a musician, tinkerer, and jack of all trades. He mentored a robotics club at a school and became obsessed. In the quest to make the simplest thing possible, he came up with blinky bugs.
  • “Blinky BristleBot”
  • circuit that consists only of a capacitor, inductor, an LED, and a battery that makes the LEDs flash at a very low speed. Sounds simple, but, it is very challenging to reduce the frequency to sub-Hz levels. It can be built out of scrap parts, and cost $0,

Arduino, Raspberry Pi