exploring technology

2013 – Middle School – Exploring Technology series

  • Aerospace Technology – learn about the history and science of flight and make fliers of your own. 10-12 Hours
  • Bridges – Bridge over Troubled… – explore engineering terms relating to bridge design and construction, the history of bridges, and the different types of bridges. 10 Hours
  • Lab Orientation to a Synergistic Lab – develop an understanding of problem solving, identify the five areas of technology and become familiar with vocabulary terms relating to both the lab and the real world of technology. 12 Hours
  • Hot air balloon – Filled With Hot Air – learn through pre-reading, reading, writing, science, math and engagement activities to plan, build and launch a hot air balloon 6-7 Hours
  • Business Start-Up – Mind Your Own Business – develop business skills in communication, teamwork, information processing, planning and problem-solving through pre-reading, reading, writing, engagement, math and science activities. 15 Hours
  • Waste – Re-Use It or Lose It – investigate 14 engineering/ technology areas to determine which raw and/or processed materials can be cost-effectively recycled.

Engineering vocabulary, concepts

  • aviation, aerodynamics,construction, force, design, problem-solving, communication, electronics, waste, processing