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Entertainment Engineering – covers hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, software, and electromechanical motion-control technologies that are used in many types of entertainment devices and events such as movies, concerts, theme and amusement parks, electronic games, and racing and sporting events

Amusement parks

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Disney Research “imagineers” are always working on something new

  • Computational Design of Mechanical Characters – demonstrate the versatility of our approach by designing a wide range of mechanical characters, several of which we manufactured using 3D printing. While our pipeline is designed for characters driven by planar mechanisms, significant parts of it extend directly to non-planar mechanisms, allowing us to create characters with compelling 3D motions.

Engineering ideas

  • 3D printing, planar mechanisms, computational design, animation, motion curve, articulation, gear train

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  • play the Park World game – Learn how engineers use the science of forces to design safe, fun, and thrilling park rides.

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