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An engineer is a clever, practical, problem solver.

  • Engineer – A person who uses scientific knowledge and principles to develop solutions to technical problems. The words engine, engineer and ingenious come from Latin, meaning “skilled”.
  • What is Engineering? (video 6:20) – From fundamental research to everyday tech, engineers create incredible new solutions and discoveries to improve society and spur the imagination.
  • NASA video Intro to Engineering (video ) describes the engineering design process, building space suit and repairing space station as examples.
  • The Difference Between Science and Engineering (video 5:31) – both inquiry problem solving. goals: science – produce more knowledge, natural world vs. engineering – design solutions to problems, design challenge, human made technologies

From the Girl Scout’s Imagine Engineering Workshopfacilitator guide

Engineers Are Cool: This video showcases the various engineering disciplines and the projects each engineer
might work on: (3:25 minutes).

Design Our Future—A Career in Engineering: Looking for a video that explains what engineers do and promotes engineering careers? Check this one out. California is the focus, but the video applies to any state, as it explains the need for more engineers: (4:15 minutes).

NOVA Science Now Profile: When injuries ended Yoky Matsuoka’s athletic ambitions, she turned to another early
interest: robotics. Today, she’s a leader in the emerging field of neurobotics, creating robot technology that helps
people with disabilities: (12 minutes).

NOVA Science Now Profile: As a biomedical engineer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sangeeta Bhatia
builds microlivers to study disease and test drugs, and her work may someday lead to artificial organs for transplant: (11 minutes)

Engineer Your Life: Multiple videos at this site showcase various engineering disciplines. Select “Meet Inspiring
Women” to view an assortment of engineers to choose from:

Energy engineer Tanya Martinez helps Mi’kmaq and Navajo Indians save energy: (1 minute).

Civil engineer Erin Fletcher develops bridges and barriers that reduce traffic noise in neighboring communities: (2 minutes).

Biomedical engineer Jessica Miller helps design life-saving medical devices for patients with heart disease: (2 minutes).

Mechanical engineer Judy Lee designs everything from children’s toys to pet products: (2 minutes).

Design Squad Nation profiles: The Web site of this TV show hosts hundreds of video clips about innovative solutions to real-world challenges, checking in with everyone from skateboarders to Project Runway contestants. Design Squad Nation continually updates the site with new content and videos, and there is no shortage of profiles of female engineers. Here are some recommended engineering features:

Jennifer Chua
is a packaging engineer who works for Method, a San Francisco company that specializes in non-
toxic, biodegradable household products that look and smell good:
files.html?pid=PjpNXj_YH6MjnYACH_ON_GjOEF7__iNQ (2 minutes).

Leila Hasan
gets creative with technology as the lead engineer for the gigapan, a robotic device that takes high-
resolution panoramic imagery:
(1 minute)

There are 1000s of interesting videos on the internet. Here are just a few that are engineering related.