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Explore – What’s the problem?

There are hundreds of university and colleges that offer post-secondary Engineering education. In addition, there are 1000s of community colleges, trade schools and training programs. Finding the ones that might be the “best fit” for a would-be engineer takes research and preparation.

Examples – What can it do? * solutions

  • Olin College of Engineering – An undergraduate engineering institution exploring innovative approaches to engineering education since its founding in 1997. Olin set out to be a new kind of Engineering College with the belief that engineering is a creative enterprise. Olin students experience learning not just in formal and technical ways, but also as explorers and creators who design their own path. Learning happens everywhere — in group experiences like faculty-led classes, student-led independent studies, and co-curriculars (where students, faculty and staff come together around common interests) — in student clubs and organizations, ranging from highly structured engineering competition teams to service organizations, social clubs and sports teams — in exploring the boundaries of knowledge and innovation working on research projects with faculty — and by pursuing new ideas and passions through independent studies and Passionate Pursuits. Olin attracts top faculty and students who are passionate about learning and making a difference in the world. The student body is gender balanced and has one of the highest graduation rates in the country. …e4k * Not Your Father’s Engineering School * Susan Brisson 2017.6.17
  • Harvey Mudd
  •  ? Tufts