ask, imagine, …

Five-Step Engineering Design Process

To solve engineering problems, engineers follow a series of steps called the “Engineering Design Process.” This Engineering Design Process (EDP) guide for our engineering design challenges has just five steps.

What’s the problem?

Follow the Engineering Design Process to solve a real engineering problem. The “solution” is provided. Work through the steps of the Engineering Design Process to come up with that solution!

  • Ask – How might we WHAT for WHOM in order to CHANGE something?
  • Imagine – What do you know that would help solve this problem? How might ideas be combined or reused?
  • Plan, Create – How would you go about working out the solution? What would you need to plan and build this solution?
  • Improve – Are there some better solutions available? How could this one be improved?

Pick one of the structures or objects in the engineering4kids collection or choose your own.