open learning experience

K-8 Engineering Open Learning Experience (OLE)

It’s a newsletter, a blog, an online resource, a collaborative project, a learning community, and so much more…

OPEN – All the resources are online Open Educational Resources (OERs) and available free of charge under the Creative Commons licenses.

Open Educational Resources (OERs) are web accessible – desktop, mobile, tablet, phone. They are learner-centered, self-directed, guided, facilitated, learning paths. They provide a range of options – media, depth, breadth. K-8 Engineering is using technology to support learning that is improved or not possible without it.

LEARNING EXPERIENCE – Everyone can be a contributor and curator as well as consumer, learner or lurker – you choose.

K-8 Engineering

Engineering is the E in STEM and STEAM but most people don’t know much about it. We are here to change that.

Engineering is everywhere. Everything in the “built environment” or “man made” – buildings, roads, water and power distribution, agriculture and space exploration are all the work of engineers.

This is a place where kids create and facilitate the online experience, suggest activities and recommend K-8 Engineering resources.