geodesic dome

Newspaper Play Structures – Inner Child Fun
punched holes with a hole puncher on each end of the newspaper rod, then threaded a pipe cleaner through the holes. I twisted the pipe cleaner, which kept everything in place
The Engineering a Story is a great program to engage K – 8 teachers in the integrative nature of STEM. Designed specifically for educators of all subjects, this workshop offers a hands – on approach
Sphere-Based Science: Build Your Own Geodesic Dome – Scientific American
“build a simple geodesic dome using gumdrops and toothpicks. Get ready to do some tasty engineering! A geodesic dome is a structure made of struts that are connected to one another
The Way Things Work – All Mammoth Movies – YouTube
These are all the Mammoth Movies from “The Way Things Work” by David Macaulay and DK Multimedia. Each movie corresponds to a “Principle of Science”
30 Great Science Picture Books
picture books with my kids to make concepts stick. Science is one of those subjects that is perfect for doing just that! Today, I’m going to share with you a great list of science picture books
The Muppet Puppets Are a Feat of Engineering
muppet puppets range in complexity from relatively simple hand puppets to two-person full body costumes. Elmo is a very traditional hand and rod puppet. Elmo comes to life by a puppeteer
Activity: Geodesic Dome Handout
What’s the strongest dome you can build out of newspaper?A geodesic dome is a dome formed by joining triangles together. You can build a giant geodesic dome out of newspaper.
12 Ways to Start Teaching STEM in Your School
Common elements of quality STEM learning include Design-focus: using design tools and techniques to attack big problems or opportunity (challenge-based, problem-based learning).
STEM Awards 2018: Everything you need to know
The STEM Awards is formed of six challenges in six key sectors, set in partnership with leading employers in these sectors. To enter, students need to come up with a solution to one of the challenges