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Joan Ganz Cooney Center – STEM Challenge Inspires Young Game Makers
” National STEM Video Game Challenge has motivated interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in nearly 20,000 middle and high school students since launching in 2011
She founded a nonprofit in high school. Now, it’s going global.
Pooja Chandrashekar knows a thing or two about starting a nonprofit as a teenager. At 15, she founded ProjectCSGirls, a nonprofit that promotes computer science among young girls.
Lessons from failure: Why we try, try again
Everyone experiences failures. But not everyone brushes themselves off and tries again. A new study shows that focusing on what can be learned from a failure appears to help people persevere
Confidence in math predicts girls’ participation in STEM
A girl’s decision to take more classes in math or computer science may depend on whether she feels up to the challenge. But her confidence in her abilities may be lower than it should be.
Teen interviews science role models to inspire others
a contest run by Marvel and the National Academy of Sciences that challenged girls to create videos answering STEM-based questions.
Meet the people behind the film Hidden Figures
she encourages students to take STEM classes. “They’re not as hard as they appear to be,” she says. “And they open up so many opportunities.” Meet the people behind the film Hidden Figures
A History of the Navy in 100 Objects :: USNA
. The U.S. Navy has a long and storied history – only beginning to understand it would take a lifetime of study. By bringing notable objects and places to life, this podcast series highlights
Power Words aid STEM literacy
Power Words aid STEM literacyRelated LinksScience News for StudentsOur readability scores target tweens & teensScience News for Students is committed to producing the latest news from the world
The K12 Engineering Education Podcast by Pius Wong
Designing custom robots in a matter of minutes: MIT CSAIL’s ‘Interactive Robogami’ lets you design and 3-D-print origami-inspired robots from 2-D designs? — ScienceDaily
“Designing custom robots in a matter of minutesMIT CSAIL’s ‘Interactive Robogami’ lets you design and 3-D-print origami-inspired robots from 2-D designs?”
10 Innovative Project Concepts for Learning STEM Subjects
“10 innovative middle-school project concepts for learning STEM subjects that will excite your learners. Although aimed at middle schoolers, we encourage you to explore ways that you could ada…
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Florida Engineering Society: K-12 Website
“Primary Elementary School Resources (Grades K through 2) National Engineers Week http://www.eweek.org – Numerous resources and links to many others.
Florida Engineering Society: K-12 Website
“great idea to make engineering come alive for your classroom visit? Click on the pages below for tried and tested projects, programs and presentations. The resources are divided by grade level