crazy crayons

320px-macro_crayons_melting_28348817842029Integrating Engineering in K-3 lessons

Studies have shown that kids are really interested in engineering from the time they are little. Many of the K-3 lesson plans include engineering although most elementary teachers don’t have the background to make the connection. We need your help.

Here is a sample second grade lesson plan – Crazy Crayons! CPALMS Resource ID#: 49748 Primary Type: Lesson Plan provided as a teacher resource by the Florida Department of Education.

Please look through the information and suggest some “engineering” that could be highlighted. The kids are 7-8 years old and are amazingly curious. They love important words and new ideas. Pointing out a few E-words and ideas would be a big help for teachers wanting to address all the components of STEM, including Engineering.


This is part of an Engineering Outreach project to promote STEM in elementary grades by providing the Engineering connections with lessons and activities already being used in the classroom.

We are interested in any classroom resources that can assist K-3 teachers in adding the E to their STEM or STEAM activities.