tracking space junk

Father and son harness magnetic fields for new type of 3-D printing | Science News for Students
Father and son harness magnetic fields for new type of 3-D printing Working in their basement, they designed a system to build complex objects, layer by layer, out of metal
Scientists Say: ATP | Science News for Students
“ATP Adenosine triphosphate is the rechargeable battery that runs our cells Mitochondria — structures found inside the cell — turn ADP back into ATP. This recharges the tiny chemical batteries
Teen invents a dip to keep germs away | Science News for Students
“Teen invents a dip to keep germs awayHer eco-friendly chemical dip for fabrics and more could halt bacterial growth if the dip works on clothing, bandages or paper
“ promotes space flight safety, protection of the space environment and the peaceful use of space worldwide by sharing space situational awareness services and information
Student programs computer to predict path of space trash | Science News for Students
“Student programs computer to predict path of space trashHer computer program predicts where this litter will end up Not many people have been to space
Why and How to Get Started with K-12 Engineering — Start Engineering
get started with “real” engineering in the classroom. five general suggestions, Find good help (30) Be appropriately technical (21) Do what’s possible for you (21)
As Engineering Grows in K-12, Who Will Teach It? — Start Engineering
“technological literacy, showing all students how engineering is grounded in history and ethics, social interests, and political and economic considerations?
The greatest challenge for girls exploring engineering as a career? Debunking public perception | St. Louis Public Radio
“‘Dream Big,’ we’re trying to introduce kids, the next generation, into engineering by changing the public perception of engineers, by changing understanding by society.”
Take Our Children to Work Day: 6 Kids Who Already Got the Memo — Start Engineering
“Some kids, though, figure out work questions on their own. The six kids featured below have launched themselves full-bore into real-life engineering work
Project Jupyter | Home
he Jupyter Notebook is an open-source web application that allows you to create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations and explanatory text.
Computational Thinking: I do not think it means what you think it means – Medium
“computational thinking an “attitude and skill set” that everyone can learn and use. The emphasis is on solving problems by exploiting the fundamental concepts of computer science
Olin College is Founding Member of First-of-its-Kind, USAID-funded Network Aimed at Spurring Innovation to Solve International Development Problems
“develop innovative solutions to global development challenges. Under the program, each university will establish Development Labs which will work with USAID’s field mission experts
Projects that Help Others
“Engineering For Humanity class, students worked with senior citizen clients to identify and design projects that would directly help them. Over the semester, they learned about their clients
Course-Based Projects
“Introduction to Mechanical Prototyping, student teams designed, built and debugged original mechanical systems over the course of a 14-week semester. You can see a photo gallery of their work
Intro to Mechanical Prototyping
“This course is all about learning to build things. Through a series of accelerated design projects, we will learn to design, build, and debug mechanical systems.