FIRST LikeaGirl | Exploding Bacon, FIRST Robotics, Team 1902
“FIRST Like A Girl is FRC Team 1902 Exploding Bacon’s effort to encourage girls to pursue STEM activities and become a part of the FIRST community! 17 New Videos “
How Does the Binary System Work? | Wonderopolis
“How does the binary system work? What is a binary digit called? What numbers does the binary system use?”
Solutions – Engineers Without Borders USA
“The geographic, cultural and political fabric of each community we partner with is unique, which is why the engineering solutions are unique, too. We consider each of these variables
Engineering Solutions to Development Needs — Start Engineering
“What people live without First, take away reliable sanitation systems. Then, remove durable shelter. Finally, subtract electricity. Think people living under these conditions would feel alone
10 Women From History Whose Footprints Will Astound You!
“We present to you 10 women from history whose Footprints will continue to inspire our world for generations to come. “
Museum of Endangered Sounds
Meet Afghanistan’s female coders who are defying gender stereotypes | Guardian Careers | The Guardian
“Meet Afghanistan’s female coders who are defying gender stereotypes In a country where just 16% of the workforce is female, teaching women to code can help foster greater equality
Women of NASA Behind the Kennedy Space Center and Space Launch System – Vogue
“Blackwell-Thompson is the first launch director for the world’s most powerful rocket, and the first female launch director at Kennedy Space Center, developing countdown plans, launch
The Real Story of ‘Hidden Figures’ and NASA’s Women Computers
“In the late 19th century, the Harvard College Observatory employed a group of women who collected, studied, and cataloged thousands of images of stars on glass plates.
What is a catalyst? | Science News for Students
“Catalysts are the unsung heroes of the chemical reactions that make human society tick. A catalyst is some material that speeds up chemical reactions. With a helping hand from a catalyst
Cool Jobs: Making electronics to wear | Science News for Students
“As a young girl growing up in Turkey, Canan Dagdeviren received a book about the scientist Marie Curie from her father. Curie was the first woman to win a Nobel prize
Germs power new paper batteries | Science News for Students
“Most batteries use chemicals to generate electricity. Substituting bacteria can be an advantage, Choi says. “They are cheap, self-repairing and self-maintained,” he notes.
Pius’s Projects: Electronic Quilts
“ntegrated science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) curriculum that focuses on designing and building electronic quilts. It’s based on what I’ve learned in making a few
Mobile Game and App Reviews by The K12 Engineering Education Podcast
“The games were pulled from the top-ranking engineering-themed games listed in app stores as of the beginning of 2017.”
Gears logic puzzle – Android Apps on Google Play
make all red gear wheels spin. You have for this several ordinary gear wheels of different sizes. You can move them and connect them to each other. With their help you have to transfer the rotation