engineering input

Over the years I have been so impressed and inspired by Dean Kamen and
US FIRST. They are the inspiration for Engineering 4 Kids – a digital
gift to the kids with internet access who may not have the opportunity
to participate in FIRST, kids with or without parent or teacher

Stuff : Engineering
We have lots of teaching help. What we need is engineering
perspective. Coming up with stories – objects, descriptions, links to
online resources, games, activities – we can do this. However, there
is a serious lack of connection to what engineers have to do with the
design and building. This can be listing subsystems, branches of
engineering, basic physics – some ways to show something about what
engineers bring to the problem solution.

If this isn’t clear, that’s ok. We don’t know exactly what this is
either – just a sense that there is an important piece missing and
engineers know this stuff. Coming up with some examples and a better
description of what we need is really critical. We have annoyed any
number of engineering friends and family trying to get this worked
out. It is an important bridge that is missing. If it was easy, we
would be done by now.

If you are willing, we can step through process for a couple of pages,
then work out the description of what we need so that others can help.
We are trying to fill in the “That’s engineering” section on each
page. Some of these pages need lots of work. Others are fairly
complete except for the “That’s engineering” part. Take a look. Just a
few words about the engineering is fine – just want to get some ideas
at this stage.

* Pacemaker
* Digital+camera
* Firetruck
* Desalination

Really appreciate your interest and help. Thanks!