girls are engineers too

Many parents, engineers and educators think more kids, especially girls would be great engineers if they knew more about it earlier – by middle school.

The E in STeM is “silent”. Teachers have trouble finding time to teach required science and math – which they were taught. They have little if any background in Engineering, no time and no support.

We are here to help. Engineering4Kids is building a collection of stories, resources and activities for kids to discover Engineering on their own.

That’s the main project. Along with developing stories, we are finding and promoting Engineering activities and lesson plans for teachers. We are working with some wonderful middle school teachers who test-drive and contribute teaching materials. We are working with college STEM Outreach groups to promote Engineering and STEM in local schools. Embry-Riddle STEM Outreach and Society of Women Engineers (SWE@ERAU) host events for schools in the Daytona Beach area.

We  need to learn more about how girls get interested enough in Engineering to go to Engineering school.

Many Engineering schools are innovating Engineering teaching and learning – Olin, Freshman Engineering programs at several others. We want to know more about these programs, and the thinking behind them.

How we can use that to direct the development of the Engineering 4 Kids story collection to increase the awareness and interest in Engineering, starting with middle school kids?