computers in learning

Thinking about computers in learning ideas.

  • use the Turing test system – collects answers and eventually has enough to give a reasonable response to most questions – not just random stuff but within some predefined subject area
  • “answers” are OERs – open educational resources – articles, lessons, illustrations, even tests and assignments
  • some predetermined sequences of topics or resources – what would you need as foundation, background, pre-knowledge before you can understand this lesson on particle physics. I get to particle physics and I don’t get it > try this > don’t get that either > ok, back one more step, …

You can probably do a proof-of-concept demonstration on paper or in a spreadsheet.

Here’s a challenge – Navier-Stokes for middle school

Had to laugh when you picked Navier-Stokes as your example. As it happens, a couple of weeks ago I was watching a video and the guy from Tufts working on teaching engineering for K-12 says…
Everything is Fluid Mechanics and Navier-Stokes equations

I knew the name but I had to look it up.