WoW – SCANS skills in a box

What I wish I’d learned in school

Clark usually provides something interesting to think about. This post is no exception. I hadn’t heard about the SCANS competencies before. Nice summary of, well, everything. Yup, if everyone was competent in all those skills working for a living would be a much better life experience. Think about it – bosses who lead, pleasant resourceful co-workers, ethical capable vendors, customers who provide great feedback,… Couldn’t be better.

And to address Clark’s question – What I wish I’d learned in school, here is my comment…

World of Warcraft – both my kids, now graduate Engineers, learned and practiced pretty much all of the SCANS skills while they spent way toooo much time playing WoW instead of working on yet another problem set for Fluid Mechanics.

Both had to do a reset – cut back on something they found so intellectually challenging and personally gratifying to just do what was asked and provide enough right answers to graduate.

And everyone from academics, economists and politicians to employers wonder why there aren’t enough young people pursuing education and careers in STEM. Hello!