What do you think? Are these stories readable? If you like the story, that’s great. But can middle school kids read them? Will they read these stories? That’s how you can help.

The stories are all about Engineering. Some are complete. Many are not, but we are working on them. Read and review the stories. Let us know what you think.

Some suggestions

Reviewed Statue of Liberty – 3 middle / high school girls. Readability good. Paragraph length ok for online reading. Pictures good ? need to know these can be enlarged. Engineering design process ? ok. Links good. Overall length of article good.

General – Wikipedia hard to read, long paragraphs. Not permitted as a source by many teachers. Information in Wikipedia exactly same as info in other permitted sources.

BYOT/BYOD – not actually used much if at all. Netbook for use at home. Some other students have iPads, smartphones – more likely to be used in class.

Science application – no connection to use, but interested when pointed out. Didn’t make connection between spaghetti tower ans internet structure of Statue of Liberty, cell towers,… Interested in Mag Lev trains, Disney monorail, magnetism – hadn’t thought of that.

Science – earth science, space, chemistry, biology ? math, social studies