news 09/13/2012

  • “As soon as kids walk in, Musallam sends out a text blast through Remind101, asking them a challenge question that’s related to the day’s lesson. “First person to tell me the units on K for a second order reaction gets chocolate,” he types and sends off. His students know he does this regularly, so they’re constantly anticipating the question during the day, in and out of class.”

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  • “Fast. Safe. Easy.
    Teachers never see students’ phone numbers. Students never see theirs.

    Teachers never see students’ phone numbers. Students never see theirs.”

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  • “If your school or classroom has updated outdated practices and policies and you are empowering students with the freedom to learn with the tools they own and love, then it is important to discuss responsible use. This poster below does a nice job of bring up important etiquette tips when it comes to using communication devices. Is there anything you disagree with? Anything missing?”

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  • “Texting has become the shorthand of the 21st century. When writing first drafts, allow students to write a draft on their phone or laptop and use text abbreviations to get their thoughts down. Encouraging the quick, free flow of ideas in a format they prefer can help young writers capture, compile and create new ideas. These can be translated as they edit and revise, resulting in a final draft written in standard language.”

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  • “Google SMS applications

    Use Google applications via SMS text message. “

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  • “A new genre of literature, perfect for Generation Text is the cell phone novel, which offers short chapters full of cliffhangers, dialog, and dramatic plot twists to get students engaged in their reading. Writing cell phone novels challenges students to show narration, poetry and even visual art by choosing line breaks, punctuation, whitespace, and rhythm. Textnovel ( is a free, fun way for students to read, write for a real audience, gain feedback and revise serial fiction. Lost books and eaten homework are a thing of the past.”

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