• “group of seven to eight year old reluctant readers. The idea was for them to focus on reading and replying to text messages – the children’s attitude to reading and writing improved and the children really enjoyed it. Mobiles engaged them in a way that books did not.

    From the teacher’s point of view it took a lot of time preparing messages in 160 characters that pupils could respond to. I spent hours devising treasure hunts, splitting stories into very short lines, finding short riddles, curricular questions, sequencing exercises and more. 160 characters is not a lot to get useful information which requires a response in. As with so many things in the teaching profession it took time but if it helped the children it was worth it.”

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  • “The first humanoid robot in space was sent to the space station with the intention of eventually taking over tasks too dangerous or mundane for astronauts, and the first such task identified for it was monitoring air velocity. Astronauts onboard the space station generally have to measure the air flow in front of vents inside the station to ensure that none of the ventilation ductwork gets clogged or blocked. The task involves holding a gauge in front of vents in five different locations on the station and taking several measurements of the air flow every 90 days or so.”

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