NASA EXPRESS — Your STEM Connection for Aug. 12, 2021

Launch into a new school year with STEM resources for the classroom and beyond.
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Blast Back to School With NASA STEM
A new school year is here, and NASA STEM is ready to launch into learning! Bring NASA’s exciting missions to your students with the resources below.
NASA Websites for the STEM Community
Visit the links below to find the latest NASA STEM news and resources
for educators, students, youth organization leaders and parents.
K-12 Educators
Higher Education
Informal Education
Are you looking for specific types of resources? Try the NASA STEM Search.
Bring Upcoming Missions to Students
This school year is filled with exciting launches and mission milestones. Bring these teachable moments to learners with mission-related STEM resources.
Laser Communications Relay Demonstration Mission
Launch: September
Laser Communications STEM Kit

Space Communications and Navigation Student Zone

Landsat 9 —
Earth-Monitoring Mission
Launch Date: Sept. 16
Landsat Education Resources

Create Landsat-Inspired
Arts and Crafts

NASA SpaceX Crew-3 Mission to the International Space Station
Launch Date: Oct. 31
#LaunchAmerica STEM Mission Toolkit