NASA’s Astrophoto Challenges – NOW OPEN!

Greetings families, facilitators, and friends of the Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA program!

Summer is definitely here and you may be thinking of different ways to engage your kids or youth audience with some hands-on activities related to astronomy. You might be interested in the following opportunity through NASA’s Universe of Learning. Learn more with this amazing informational video by NASA’s Universe of Learning –

Youth of all ages are encouraged to join NASA’s Universe of Learning and participate in the Summer 2021 NASA’s Astrophoto Online Challenges (July 1 – August 16, 2021). Participants will capture their own telescope image of the iconic active galaxy M87 or work with archived images of M87 taken with NASA space telescope missions and one ground-based radio image. Youth will engage in scientific practices through accessible data tools and experiences, and their work may get feedback from scientists.

Hear from three different Subject Matter experts explaining the interesting nature of galaxy M87 and the active supermassive black hole at its center.

Look at NASA space telescope images of M87 and learn how the information tells us some new about the galaxy or supermassive black hole.

Enter the Challenge here –

We encourage you, your kids, and your audience to stylize your OWN image of M87 and share them with the Astrophoto Challenge team and Subject Matter Experts. Don’t be shy!

The deadline to submit your images is August 16, 2021.


Quyen Hart, Ph.D.

On behalf of the GSAWN Team at NASA’s Universe of Learning